Apple 3D 
Apple lunchbox

The idea from Apple to give away to employees a lunchbox to celebrate a successful time, brought me into the short project to create a 3D animated rendering to showcase in a keynote presentation for a group of Apple retail.

Dotted Series
Worked with Vespa to promote a new store launch in Miami Beach. A series of photo collage on black and white multicolored dots expressing the lifestyle of the Italian brand. 



Expo Italia

Chair Rendering

Commissioned to work on a design presentation for design expo in Italy. Basically worked as animator for the firm to present the design of a new chair in the Design Biennal in Milan.





Local Business Development 

Pilates Studio

Online design presence for a local business in order to promote the yoga and its pilates services.

In charge of being in contact with the customer to develop and ideate their full website for a local yoga studio.