Printing • /ˈprɪntɪŋ/ 


Apple University Iconography

At Apple University as designer in charge of the instructional material for new hires, I came with this idea to represent by graphics those essential elements the company wants to convey to its new hires, with booklets or instructives.  


Better World

Presentation Brochure

With the idea to consolidate Better World brand over multiple stages, I designed some brochures that show what this non-profit organization is doing for the wellness of hundreds of kids worldwide.



Logos for multiple companies

Some logos designed for businesses to stand out their presence among others. I like to experiment with black and white first and negative and positive space after. If this works,

I move into colors. 

Hawaii Public Health

Brochure and Catalog

Their original catalogue was very basic with a lack of design components that had a good appeal for the medical and healthcare community in Hawaii area. I, as designer restructured completely their brand with a new logo as well, with the Department of Marketing and Design. This new design definitely conveys what they were looking for

Findlay Galleries

Artist Brochure

Findlay Galleries is a well reputable gallery business in the are of West Palm and NYC. I worked as a creative component to design an artist brochure who exhibited his artwork at the Gallery in Fl. Along with the artist and Gallery director we worked all together for an outstanding brochure, that was handed not only in West Palm but NYC as well.


National Geographic


As a creative in charge of the production and design for  the National Geographic Explorer series, my work was to create the visual image for the DVDs and CDs for the marketing department.


With the use of an extensive photo library and research my idea was to show among the audience the impact of these documentaries through a graphic impact in a positive way.

Metropolitan Art Gallery


The Logo with its simplicity and minimalistic concept helps to position a brand to the top of its competition. 

The Metropolitan Art Gallery logo was taken as a case study to improve the original design, with excellent results for the business.  


Digital • /ˈdɪdʒɪt(ə)l/


Website  Design

With my most recent visit to Germany I have had the opportunity to work with Hopsasa as web and graphic designer for a project where the German company needs to reevaluate its brand and design identity.

An ongoing design project. 


Hospital Concierge

This company in India is in charge to develop apps for poor and remote communities. I was called by the art director to redesign their visual language for a concierge app to ease the patients registration in rural areas of India. As seen I worked on each icon design exploring the best way to communicate between doctors and patients, with optimum outcomes.

Miami Design Agency


Mary Fossberg is an indepent PR and Design Agency that was looking to design email blast material. I designed and coded E-Newsletters as shown for Mary, representing the strong presence of Forssberg Agency in the area of Coconut Grove in Miami. I started from scratch its newsletters, implementing HTML and CSS.

STEM Tini Citi School

Interactive Instructional 

The actual technology is moving to light speed where our schoolers need to understand of a didactical way how it works and its benefits. I worked for  Tini Citi School in Fl, to educate as a form of a game pre school kids of how an electrical car works. This is basically a game where students need to add the engine components of the vehicle.

Web Design 

UX Design 

This project was developed from scratch to demonstrate to my students the different stages of designing a digital product. From sitemaps to prototype. 



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