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LG G3 Rumors : Monster specs, may change company’s fortunes



The Korean giant could be the king with the LG G3, with octacore processor, brilliant flexible display

Speculation is  strong about the release of LG’s next flagship smartphone, the LG G3, and if rumors are anything to go by, you can expect it to be a powerful performer boasting of great hardware specs.

LG had a good run last year with the G2, which was well received by audiences worldwide. This time round, the electronics giant will look to increase its market hold with the much rumored successor to the G2.

As we know, currently Samsung is ruling the smartphone market. But LG could give Samsung and other giants tough competition this year, with the LG G3.

LG G3 Rumors : Monster specs, may change company’s fortunes

LG G3 Concept: Will it be the next super success?

G3 specs round-up: Juicy rumors

If rumors on various internet forums are to be believed, the LG G3 could make its way to the markets very soon, and will expectedly have quite decent specifications(much like that of the equally intriguing Xperia Z3 specs) which are as below.

Display: In the display department, the LG G3 could feature a stunning QHD , 5.5 inch display, with a resolution much higher than the standard 720 p display. It could even be a flexible,curved display such as the LG G Flex.

Processor: LG G3 is rumored to include a 2.2 Ghz Octacore processor, which would be optimized to save power.

Camera: One can easily expect a full HD, 16 MP shutter with advanced optics and OIS capabilities. The G3 could also feature a 7 MP front facing 720 p camera for video calls.

UI Customization: The LG G3 could also feature a fast customizable User interface, with minimal bloatware. It could give stiff competition to the likes of  HTC’s Sense, Samsung’ Touchwiz and Sony‘s Timescape interface.

Operating System: Our best guess is that the LG G3  could come with Android 4.4 Kitkat, since the handset is expected to release soon.

Fingerprint scanner: Security is a prime focus in recent premium devices, and the LG G3 should include a fingerprint scanner for advanced security. This could be situated on the back panel of the phone, which has been associated with LG G2 as well.


LG G3 price: How much will it cost you?

Last year’s LG G2 retailed at around 399 pounds, and considering the features it had, was  value for money product. Although there has been no word of confirmation on the LG G3, it could have a price tag of around 499 pounds( or 50,000 INR or 825$ approx).

The premium G3 device could come at this high end price, but we believe that the price paid will be worth it.


LG G3 Rumors : Monster specs, may change company’s fortunes

LG G3 Fingerprint Scanner

LG G3 release date: When will it release near you?

Rumors are circulating on the internet that the handset could release very soon indeed. The G2 released in September last year, and reports indicate LG is keen to release its successor soon, riding on the success of the G2.

This means good news for those waiting eagerly for the phone. Sources on the internet state that the LG G3 could release as soon as May 2014.

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